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More than 40 million people own smart speaker devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Plus, just about every modern smartphone is equipped with voice search functionality through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. 

In fact, some marketers are predicting as many as 50% of searches will be voice-activated by next year. Yet only 4% of businesses are voice search ready according to Search Engine Land. 

People are literally calling out to you, but are you going to be there to answer them? 

Approved Providers Network is ready to help get your business ready to succeed in the emerging landscape of voice search. 

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Voice Search Services

We offer our customers a comprehensive suite of services to prepare their website and other digital assets to reach peak performance for voice-activated search queries.

We leverage on-site strategies, content marketing, and local search optimization to help our clients stay front and center when their customers come looking for them. 

Content Marketing for

Voice Search

Voice search is changing the way brands interact with their audiences. Our content marketing experts will help create and distribute content that responds to customer queries in a direct and personal way.

Voice search is all about having the answers to direct questions and other requests for information. We’ll make sure your website and other digital assets are ready to answer your customers most asked questions. 

  • Conversational keyword optimization 

  • Featured snippet schema markup 

  • Customer-focused content development 

Online Local Listings 

Google uses information about your business from all over the web to determine who you are, where you are, and which queries you can help resolve. If a searcher says, for example,  “Okay Google, show me plumbers in my area,” Google is going to pull information from various trusted business directories to determine whether your business is relevant to that search.

APN will ensure that your business information is accurate and consistent across all of Google’s most trusted online business directories.

  • Management of all business directory profiles and accounts

  • Guaranteed listing accuracy including operating hours, street address, phone numbers, and more 

  • Improved local search visibility through Google My Business Management 

Is Your Business Ready for Voice Search? 

Approved Providers Network specializes in equipping brands with everything they need to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. We will ensure your brand’s presence is optimized across all digital channels and ready to tackle emerging trends in the search engine landscape.


We take care of all the technical details so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. We’ll help you automate your digital marketing by creating a voice-ready web presence and maintaining it without you having to give it a second thought. 

Are you ready to prepare your business for the future of search engine marketing? 


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Our Promise To You


Our 100% Voice Search Ready Guarantee provided by APN is limited to the 3 major Voice Search Engines; Siri for iPhones, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Once your business is Voice Search Ready, your listing will be eligible to be recommended in the search results. APN cannot guarantee the order of ranking of the search results.


APN is a Third-Party company that assists service providers and companies in getting Voice Search Ready. Accordingly, any situation or event that is beyond the control of APN outside of Voice Search submission is not covered by this 100% Money-Back Guarantee.