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Google My Business is an awesome tool that business owners can use to manage their online presence in both Google Search and Google Maps.


Unfortunately, many businesses owners aren’t taking full advantage of the tools available or aren’t using the service at all.

Why Use Google

My Business?

Google My Business offers businesses a number of useful tools to manage their presence online. Register your business, and you can start enjoying all the benefits that the service has to offer.

Manage All Business Information

You can also control all the information about your business that appears when people search for your business. This includes basic information like operating hours and a street address to more critical information like a list of your services, your phone number, and other industry-specific information.

Gather Valuable Insights

Google My Business lets you see information like how customers searched for you, where that traffic came from, how many people called you directly from the listing, and so much more. You will never be in the dark again when it comes to your online business presence and the information current and potential customers may see. 

Interact Directly with Customers

You can respond directly to reviews your customers leave. This helps to put a face to your company and mitigate the damage from less-than-stellar reviews by showing that you are taking an active part in managing your reputation.

Keep Your Online Business Information


Approved Providers Network helps business owners ensure that they are getting the maximum benefit from their Google My Business listing. We will make sure that your businesses information stays relevant, up to date, and positions you to rank in local searches for your products or services.

Optimize Your Business's Online Presence 

We can help you understand how your customers are interacting with your listing and develop structured campaigns to improve on key performance metrics like click-through-rate, phone calls, and more. Give us a call today to find out how APN has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours dominate their local markets.


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